Wet and Dry Vacuums

We have for sale the following commercial wet and dry vacuums in Perth.
Our units are all ready assembled so you can take them straight to work.
We also carry the full range of filters and bags in stock.

How to Choose:
Consider the following:

  • What specification of cleaning do you need:
     - "L" Class is general cleaning and dust collection, as well as plaster and aluminium
     - "M" Class is suitable for wood dust and  "L" Class work
     - "H" Class is suitable for silica dust, lead dust, asbestos and "M" Class work 
    See more info below, and confirm your local or site requirements.
  • Price - lower spec'd vacs are less expensive than higher spec'd units
  • Power - the bigger units usually have much more power than smaller more compact units.
  • Smaller units are light, easier to carry and store and require more frequent emptying.
    Bigger units are heavier, bulkier in your vehicle, but need less emptying.
  • Plastic tanks will be lighter and won't dent.
    Stainless steel tanks are going to be slightly heavier but more durable and easier to clean.

Dry extraction - Use cartridge filter, dust bag and pre-filter
Wet Extraction - Foam filter only

These vacuums are used with grinders, saws or wall chasers that often have very big motors.
Try to put your vacuum on a seperate circuit, or at least a seperate power point.
This will allow the machines with bigger motors to draw their rated power, and perform as specified.

See the WA government's info on the dangers of working with silica dust here. It also shows how to manage the risks involved when working with silica dust.

Vacmaster Wet and Dry Vacuums  vacmaster_logo.jpg

Vacmaster has more than 20 years experience in engineering and motor technology.
Their heavy duty motors deliver peak horsepower for maximum suction.

All Vacmaster wet and dry vacs feature:

  • A float valve mechanism that shuts suction off to protect the motor from liquid overfill.
  • Power Take Off - plug power tools into your vac and it will turn off/on as the power tool is used  (except 20L plastic tank vac) .
  • Quick lock hose reduces accidental hose disconnection.
  • They also can be quickly and easily converted to a powerful blower.
  • Onboard storage for tools, hose and cable.
  • All include wand and floor head, 35mm diameter hose, dust bag, cartridge filter, foam filter, carpet nozzle, round dusting tool and crevice cleaner.

Vacmaster 20l wet/dry DIY Workshop vacuum -
Plastic tank



20L plastic tank - strong and light
Wide stance castors for stability
1.8m hose
4m cable

$149 Incl GST

Vacmaster 20l wet/dry DIY Workshop vacuum -
stainless steel tank


20L stainless steel tank - durable and easy to clean
1050W  PTO
Wide stance castors for stability
2.7m hose
4m cable

$199 Incl GST

Vacmaster 30l wet/dry DIY Workshop vacuum -
stainless steel tank


30L stainless steel tank - durable and easy to clean
800W PTO
Wide stance castors for stability
Drainage plug
2.6m hose
5m cable

$249 Incl GST

Vacmaster 30l wet/dry industrial vacuum -
stainless steel tank. L-class


L - class Extraction
Industrial quality
30L stainless steel tank - durable and easy to clean
Dual HEPA Air filtration (Class 13)
700W  PTO
Twin fan motor
3.6m crush resistant hose
6m cable

$499 Incl GST

Vacmaster 38l wet/dry industrial vacuum -
stainless steel tank. M-Class


M - class Extraction
Industrial quality
38L stainless steel tank - durable and easy to clean
Dual HEPA Air filtration (Class 13)
Two stage dust collection
Push Clean Filter system prevents filters clogging
Visual airflow warning indicator
Variable speed control
800W  PTO
Twin fan motor
2.5m crush resistant hose
10m abrasive resistant cable

$795 Incl GST

DTA 35 Litre Wet/Dry Vacuum


Ideal for dust collection while cutting, grinding, chasing etc.

1200 watt, 3m hose, 5m power lead
HEPA Filter (L-Class)
Auto ancillary power socket
Blower attachment
Standard accessories (vac wand, vac head, brushes etc)
Model WDV

$350 incl GST

husqy-logo-.png s11.jpg

Husqvarna S11 H Class wet and Dry vac

The Husqvarna S11 H-Class Dust Collector is:
 - compact and portable  wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner
 - H-Class filter
 - dust free bag disposal
 - automatic filter cleaning
 - low flow warning
 - fill level indicator
 - for general cleaning and handheld tools.
 - with HEPA filter
 - automatic filter cleaning by shaking the filter during operation for a continuous air-flow.
 - easy to transport and use due to it's compact design, low weight and convenient carry handle.
 - suitable for asbestos (check local regulations)

  • 1200 watts
  • 25 litre capacity
  • 270 mbar suction
  • 263 m³/h air flow
  • 4.5m hose length
  • 16kg

$1695 incl GST

Filter HEPA 2 piece $341 
Motor safety Filters $86
Vac Bags - plastic (5 pack) $105
Vac Bag Fleece $79
(all price each, incl GST)

eibenstock-logo.png dss35.1.jpg



Eibenstock DSS35 M Class wet and Dry vac

Compact wet and dry vacuum with:
  - "Permaclean" Automatic filter cleaning (pulse)
 - Flow rate indicator
 - Two polyester filter cassettees
 - Compact design
 - Low centre of gravity
 - Full set of attachments and fittings included
 - Made in Germany

  • 1600 watts
  • 35 litre capacity
  • 280 mbar suction
  • 75 litres/second air flow
  • 5m hose length
  • 15kg

$1395 incl GST

DSS35/DSS50 Vac Bags - plastic (5 pack) $165
(all price each, incl GST)

guarda-vac.png ctzd98-acc.jpg

Guarda 90 litre vac

  • Two 1000 watt motors
  • 10 amp plug
  • With 5m vac hose, wand & tools
  • 160 litre second
  • 250 mBar suction
  • 34 kgs
  • $695 incl GST

Replacement 1000 watt motors
$175 each incl GST

Download Guarda Vac brochure

tyrolit-logo.png vce2000.png


Tyrolit VCE2000 dust and water collection system

  • Two 1000 watt motors
  • 10 amp plug (7m)
  • With vac hose, wand & three tools
  • Robust undercarriage
  • Variable power
  • 80 litre capacity
  • 4600l/min at maximum air volume
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Suction hose diameter - 38mm inside, 48mm outside
  • 30.5 kgs
  • $1175 incl GST
Longopac continous bags:
Suit Husqvarna S13, S26, S36, some Tyrolit, and many other vacuums.
They are in packs of 4, and each pack is 20 meters. 357mm diameter.
These bags enable dust free disposal from virtually any dust collector.
"Megastrong" $200 per box, incl GST
Extra Heavy duty (70+5um) $225 per box, incl GST

Husqvarna DC1400 Replacement Filters:
L Class (as standard) - $149 incl GST 
M Class - $250 incl GST
HEPA - $415 incl GST

Vac adaptors:
From power tools to vacuum hose. 32mm/35mm/38mm

  • Genuine Eibenstock: $40 each
  • After Market: $20 each
  • Husqvarna 19, 26, 29, 36, 37.5 & 44.5mm size to 40mm hose: $65 each


Vacmaster Consumables






Vacmaster consumables, such as dust bags, cartridge filters and foam filters in stock in Bibra Lake.  

Vacmaster Dust bags available in:
 - Standard filter bags (5 pack)  
 - High Efficiency (3 pack) for finer dust collection (eg drywall sanding).

  • Standard 20 ltr Bag (5pk): $26
  • High Efficiency 20 ltr Bag (3pk): $25
  • Standard 30 ltr Bag (5pk): $28
  • High Efficiency 30 ltr Bag (3pk): $25
  • 38 ltr Fine Filter Bag (5pk): $48
  • 38 ltr Disposable Bag (5pk): $30

Vacmaster Filter Cartridges:
All for dry use except as specified
Standard. Yellow. Clean by tapping and brushing. Replace regularly. Not suitable for "L " or "M" Class vacs. VM950133
Washable - PTFE Cartridge Filter for 20l - 30L. Washable, longer life than standard filter. White.  Clean with soft brush under running water.
Not suitable for "L " or "M" Class vacs. VM951333
"L" Class. HEPA Class 13. Green.
Clean by tapping and brushing.
Replace regularly. Suits allergy sufferers.
Not suitable for "M" Class vacs. VM951316
"M" Class. HEPA Class 13. White Dry use only. Clean by tapping and brushing.
Replace regularly. Suits allergy sufferers. Essential for "M" Class vacs.
Installing in lower class vacs will not make "M" class. VMVF95B9.DC.00

Foam Filter for wet use only. Heavy duty. Washable For all 20-60L vacs. 3 pack VM950086

  • Standard 20-30 ltr (yellow) $28
  • PTFE Washable 20-30 ltr (white) $45
  • L Class HEPA filter 30 ltr (green) $33
  • M Class HEPA filter 30 ltr (white) $45
  • Foam filters for wet use only (3 pack) $25

Prices correct as of 1/7/22 but subject to change.

For the operation and spare parts manuals for these machines  Click Here 

Silica dust is very dangerous, especially if dry cutting. For more info on silica, see Safe Work Australia's info here.

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