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Available for sale in Perth  W.A. only.

Husqvarna 16" K970 Quick Cut (Demolition Saw) - Used 

$900 incl GST
(or $995 incl second hand pro series blade)

Trade in second hand Husqvarna 400mm/16" K970 Quick Cut saw.
New cylinder, piston and rings fitted, along with new air cleaner element. 
Blade available separately (16" UDT Trade Series $175, 16" UDT Premium $350) 
The Husqvarna K970 is ideal for heavier cutting of concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as for pipe, asphalt and metal cutting. It's also ideal for cutting of curbs and pavers in landscaping.


  • Cylinder displacement: 93,6 cm³
  • Power output: 4,8kW
  • Blade diameter: 400 mm
  • Max cutting depth: 145mm
  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 11.8kg
  • Blade not included (16" Trade Series $175, 16" Premium $350)


Kaladari Block Saw - Used

20"/500mm diamond blade diameter (not included)
3 phase electric motor with 4 pin plug and lead.
Approximately 30 hours use only
Fully welded one piece frame with spring-loaded lockable foot and handle controls
Table cart with non tilt lockable wheels
Fully protected blade shaft cover
Max cutting depth 195mm
Max cutting length 500mm
Table size 500mm x 420mm
Weight 190KG
Available in 3 phase electric
Blade not included
New RRP $3,700
$2,500 incl GST

block-saw.jpg block-saw-2.jpg screen-shot-2019-03-29-at-9.05.57-am.png

Used Core Drills accessories:

Dymaxion AGCDM250 Core Drill & stand - used
Big, powerful core drill and stand in almost new condition!
3 speed

2200 watts, 10 amp plug
Suits 1 1/4" UNC drill barrels, up to 250mm capacity in concrete.
Stand included - 820mm height, 90° to 45°
Includes factory spanners

Retail price $2750
$1995 including GST

Eibenstock EBM350/3P Rotary Drill - used
3 speed commercial rotary drill motor.
Made in Germany.
Suits 1 1/4" UNC drill barrels, up to 14"/350mm capacity.
13kg. Over $2600 retail. Does not come with a stand. 
$1100 including GST
img_5892.jpg img_5891.jpg img_5871.jpg

Genuine Weka DK12 Core Drill

3 speeds. With Husqvarna new front handle1600 watt.
Drill up to 130mm concrete (when on drill stand) or handheld to 150mm in masonry.
Suits 1 ¼" UNC drill bits.
Thermal overload protection switch
Workshop certified - clutch adjusted, new gearbox oil and fully inspected
RRP $1600
1 only at $895 (used)

44257925_527009064373076_8857398453383200768_n.jpg 44352425_474720279716629_5163374666382835712_n.jpg 44373121_1761730120604337_6590438337150976000_n.jpg

Hilti Vacuum Pump (for core drill stands)
Hilti Vacuum pump Model DD VP-U 240V
Suits most core drill vacuum plates
Works well. With hose and fitting.
Hilti's RRP is $1880 plus GST, so this is a bargain!
$750 - used

img_5755.jpg img_5756.jpg img_5757.jpg

Clipper Drill stand vacuum base kit
As new, to suit CDR 252
One only $250
One only second hand $150 (with new after market base seal)

img_5752.jpg img_5753.jpg

Clipper Drill stand with vacuum base - used
With new after market base seal
Over $1000 new
One only $450

Heavy Duty Core drill stand
60 x 60mm Column
Holes: 96 x 65 x 8.5mm holes
Does not include drill adaptor
970 mm tall, 18 kgs
With wheel kit (not shown)

Drill adaptors - new and used.
SDS Plus, SDS Max, Hex, Tornado and other drives.
To 1/2", M16, M22 and taper.
Various lengths.
Also pilot drill bits $5 ea.
Short adaptors - $20ea
Medium adaptors - $30ea
Long adaptors $40 ea

Genuine Hilti 30mm Quad cutters
Made in Germany
Hilti RRP $315 + GST
1 used only $50
(1 new only $75)

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