Diamond Router Heads

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Router Heads by Dymaxion are used on Angle Grinders to produce a perfect profile on a wide variety of materials. Diamond outperforms standard tungsten carbide heads in speed of cutting and durability.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond tools can run at high speed and dry but try to use a grinder with variable speed (up to 10,000 RPM)
For best results– move the grinder back and forwards in a sawing action until the full depth & shape is achieved .
For polished Granite and Marble surfaces further polishing is required, so use various grit polishing pads.

Use WET or DRY and at any speed, as the diamonds are brazed on using our EXTRA strong bonding vacuum brazed technology. This bonding process allows 40% more exposure of the diamonds to do cutting than electroplated method. They also hold their shape during its life.

There are water holes in the heads if your grinder has water adaption as original manufacturer supply.
Life increases by 50% plus when water is used. But they can be used dry.
Only use water with power tools designed to deliver water to the job.
Always take care if using water near power tools. 

The small bearing runs on the front face and the larger hard rubber rimed bearing holds the top surface for safe and easy control of the profile head during grinding. Both ensures the profile shape is consistent as you move the grinder back & forth until the full depth and shape is completed ready for the polishing process.

All are M14 thread (as commonly used on angle grinders etc in Australia)

Remember to always use personal protection equipment (goggles, hearing protection etc)
If cutting dry, be aware of silica dust. See more here.
If cutting wet, only do so on equipment designed for wet cutting. Do not allow water to get into your electrical equipment.

Stanley Truacut have been supplying quality products in Australia for over 60 years. Decades of field testing and continual improvement has earned  them  a reputation for reliability and  quality second to none.

Rounding over heads - with top and bottom bearing guides.
#40/50 grit

  • DVB508G 6.4mm radius $275
  • DBV512G 9.5mm radius $275
  • DVB516G 12.7mm radius $285
  • DVB520G 15.8mm radius $295
  • DVB524G 19mm radius $310
  • DVB532G 25mm radius $345
  • DVB540G 30mm radius $385
    (all prices each, incl GST)
    Radius is same as depth.

Bull Nose Heads #40/50 grit:

  • DBBN20G 9.5mm radius for 20mm sheets $445
  • DVBBN30G 15mm radius for 30mm sheets $465
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Chamfering Heads #40/50 grit:

  • DVB8170G 20 degree x 25mm flat chamfer $150 (one only)
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Grinding Drum Head #40/50 Grit:

  • DVB8282G 65mm diameter x 32mm depth $150 (one only)
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Ogee Head #40/50 Grit:

  • DVB7512G 10mm radius, 20mm depth of cut $150 (one only)
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Finger Grinder Head #60/70 Grit:

  • DVB0032G 25mm diameter x 30mm depth of cut $100
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Prices correct as of 1/5/22 but subject to change.

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