Dustless Petrol Saws

We sell  the dustless petrol power cutters from Guarda.
The Guarda "Edge" cuts with water and controls dust, slurry and engine exhaust gas with the power of petrol cutting.
This means this saw can be used indoors.
It  needs to be connected to an industrial vacuum.


Silica dust level testing was done by an independent hygienist from Amcosh . He comments in the  video below.
They used three monitoring devices - two stationary devices about 1 metre on the left and right sides and one personnel device taking air from the breathing zone. They cut for 2 hours in an enclosed 3 x 2m space with 1m x 1m opening. 
Watch the four minute video below:

Here is a 60 second video of Steve from Guarda demonstrating the Edge saw.

Guarda Edge saw package special:


Package includes everything you need:
 - Guarda Edge 94cc two stroke saw
 - 15"/380mm concrete blade to suit
 - 90 litre twin motor vacuum with exhaust
 - hose to join vacuum to saw.
 - 10m "blow" hose with cam locks (exhaust hose).
Includes training by importer

 $3195 Incl GST

Edge Saw with Tri-Vac Technology:
1. Silica dust control via a combination of water delivered
to the blade guard and vacuum suction
2. Helps move harmful fumes such as Carbon Monoxide
away from the operator via vacuum suction and a
hose attachment to the muffler
3. Slurry control via vacuum suction to the blade guard.
• Fumes, dust and slurry are moved down the same hose
and away from the cutting operations
• Quick and easy to set up
• Suitable for general purpose concrete cutting


Cylinder Volume (cm3/cu.in) - 93.6/5.7
Fuel Capacity (Litre/US Pint) - 1.0/2.1
Carburettor type - Walbro
150mm cutting depth

Note: The slurry collection and dust control is still excellent even when not at full depth, or on curved surfaces, especially if the bottom part of blade guard is against the wall. However, when not cutting full depth, a smaller blade does assist slurry collection.
Also: Exhaust hose has a temperature cut out that will stop the saw if the hose overheats (before it melts). Ensure saw has sufficient water or saw will cut out after approximately 20 secs use.

(15"/380mm concrete blade to suit - $250 incl GST)


Download Edge Saw brochure

Download Hand Saw Comparission

Download Edge Saw Operation manual

Download Edge Saw Set Up Options

See a comparison of the Guarda cut quick saw in operation, as compared to an ordinary wet saw, and dry cutting here:

See how to set up your Guarda Edge saw and vacuum here:



For vacuum hoses under 15m in length, and with on site power, use Edge saw with your wet/dry vacuum (above).

Download Vac Generator brochure

Download Vac Generator operation manual

Note - The Australian designer and importer of Guarda is based in Forrestfield, so all parts, back up and support is locally provided.

Prices correct as of 1/3/24 but subject to change.

Silica dust - when workers cut, saw, crush, drill, polish or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

For the operation and spare parts manuals for these machines  Click Here 

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