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Brilliant Diamond Core Drills - use with drill:

DIHS Vacuum brazed, self lubricating, wax filled diamond core drills.
Hex shank for use with a drill, 30mm internal depth.
Available sizes individually or in kits:
5mm    $24 Incl GST ea
6mm    $25 Incl GST ea
6.5mm $26 Incl GST ea
8mm    $28 Incl GST ea
10mm  $29 Incl GST ea
12mm  $33 Incl GST ea

7084-S1 Kit:
Brilliant Core Drill Bit Set Hex shank - use with electric drill 5, 6, 6.5, 8 and 10mm
$125 incl GST

Suitable for drilling tiles, ceramics, vitrified products, porcelain, natural and composite/engineered stone, fibreglass, graphite, carbon fibre (with extreme caution), FRP's, and other highly abrasive materials.
The wax filled core lubricates the cutting edge allowing dry, water free, drilling, however the use of water cooling will extend tool life.
Do not allow to overheat - it will shorten bit life.


  • Apply spinning core drill to workpiece at an angle so that only the edge is engaged.
  • As a small groove begins to form gradually move the drill until the saw is flat and fully engaged with the workpiece.
  • Alternatively position the saw using a Bordo adjustable drilling template and commence drilling with the saw flat against the workpiece.

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination -  always maintain a safe working environment.

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Brilliant Diamond Hole saws - use with angle grinder:

Bordo's range of Brilliant DIHS diamond hole saws are manufactured using vacuum brazing to 'adhere' the diamond material to the saw.

M14 thread for use with an angle grinder, 40mm internal depth.
Available sizes from 6mm to 128mm, individually or in kits
Sizes up to 25mm are wax filled for water free dry cutting.
Above 25mm, use water for cooling ( use extreme caution using water near electricity)

7084-S2 Kit:
Brilliant Core Drill Bit Set M14 fitting for use with angle grinder -  6, 6.5, 8, 10 and 12mm with mandrel
$165 incl GST (RRP $299)


  • Vacuum brazing provides the strongest bond between the diamond particles and the hole saw
  • Superior performance and greater saw life than traditional electroplated diamond saws
  • Slotted cutting edge allows water to enter the cut, extending tool life.


Suitable for drilling tiles, ceramics, vitrified products, porcelain, natural and composite/engineered stone, polymer concrete, fibreglass, graphite, carbon fibre (with extreme caution), FRP's (fibreglass reinforced plastic), and other highly abrasive materials.

Brilliant diamond hole saws achieve optimal cutting efficiency when used at high speeds in an angle grinder. The saws feature an M14 thread which is suitable for use with most popular angle grinders.

Brilliant saws may be used in pistol and pedestal drills using the three jaw chuck adaptor mandrel - Part # 7084-1420

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Just some of the more common sizes kept in stock:
(Sizes up to 128mm available)

6mm $55 Incl GST ea
6.5mm $57 Incl GST ea
8mm $60 Incl GST ea
10mm $60 Incl GST ea
12mm  $62 Incl GST ea
19mm $78 Incl GST ea
30mm $90 Incl GST ea
35mm $115 Incl GST ea
40mm $99 Incl GST ea
75mm $230 incl GST ea
Mandrel - Hex to M14 $30 Incl GST ea

The Bordo Diamond Mist Drill System ise ideally suited to situations where you have many holes to drill in ceramics, porcelain tiles and stone. It produces no-crack, burr-free holes with minimum spalling.
Use your own drill. 
High quality - made in Japan.

This set up is initially more expensive, but results in a lower cost per hole than some other diamond drill solutions.

It consists of a kit with a water feed drill body which is used in conjunction with a water bottle swivel set or a pressure water bottle.
Replaceable diamond cutters affix to a non-wearing shank which joins the cutters to the water feed body.

Rotary only action ensures low noise and vibration.

Diamond mist drills are designed to deliver the correct amount of lubrication to maximise drill life and optimise drilling performance.

Cutter size 5 to 12mm
Rotation Speed  (5 - 10mm)15000 to 3000 RPM
Rotation Speed  (12mm) 7000 to 1500 RPM

bordo-diamond-mist-drill-set.png bordo-diamond-mist-replacement-bits.png 2715-wb.png

Bordo Diamond Mist Kits:
5mm. Includes mist drill body, 5mm drill bit and drill shank, drilling template, screw top bottle bulb assy, 1.25 litre water pressure bottle (optional with other suppliersn) and carry case. 2712-S1
$795 Incl GST
6-8mm. Includes mist drill body, 6/6.5/8mm drill bit and drill shank, drilling template, screw top bottle bulb assy, 1.25 litre water pressure bottle (optional with other suppliers) and carry case. 2712-S2
$950 Incl GST

Additional Bits:
6mm - $85 ea Incl GST
8mm - $140 ea Incl GST

To maximise drill life and optimise performance, drill speed, pressure and water feed must be adjusted to suit hardness, abrasiveness, and thickness of material.

Drill Guides: Drilling holes in stone tiles or other hard, smooth surfaces is often hard to start, especially when working with the lubricants necessary for diamond hole cutters/drill bits. This drilling guide is designed to hold your bit steady so you can start the hole in the right spot without slipping or sliding. Both use a 120mm suction cup

Plastic (red): 8-80mm, with water injection point (for lubrication when drilling) $15

Steel (blue): 8mm to 54 mm $25

(Pictures show two guides in each photo - prices are for 1 each)

core-bit-guide-plastic.jpg core-bit-guide-steel.jpg

Note - When workers cut, saw, grind, crush, drill or polish products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

If you are cutting wet, the slurry created can dry out and create a hazard for other users - dispose of slurry as per your local regulations.

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