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Need a new brick saw?
UDT carry the brick saw in Perth that tradies want.

To see our paving blades, see here.
For specialist blades (suit porcelain pavers etc) see here.

Easymix Electric Brick Saws





2.0kW electric motor
(IP55 rated) 

Adjustable mitre, foldable stand with 12" flat free (solid) wheels.
(Upgrade to 14" 3.50 x 8 pneumatic wheels add $50 inc)

1 year warranty.

BS14E  14"/350mm
(approx 350mm max cut, 120mm depth)

incl GST

BS16ELR 16"/400mm
Long reach
(approx 600mm max cut, 145mm depth)
$2195 incl GST

Petrol model - $2895 (valid Mar 2023)

(Note - blade lock nut is reverse direction thread!)

Blade sold separately.

Husqvarna 300/350mm Bricksaw Model TS300E

300mm/12" blade or 350mm/14"

125mm max cutting depth



The TS 300 E is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks.

  • 2.2kW motor
  • 300mm/12" blade or 14"/350mm
  • Maximum cutting length - 695mm
  • Maximum cutting depth - 125mm with 14" blade, 100mm with 12"
  • Tray 51cm wide x 45cm deep
  • Weight 82kg
  • Note - blade lock nut is reverse direction thread!

Blade not included

Husqvarna 350mm Bricksaw Model TS350E

350mm/14" blade

100mm cutting depth



TS 350 E is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks. 
- 2.2kW motor
 - 350mm/14" blade
 - Maximum cutting length - 700mm
 - Maximum cutting depth - 100mm
 - Weight 92kg

Blade not included

Husqvarna 400mm Bricksaw Model TS400F



230mm cutting depth total



The TS 400 F is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks. 
 - 2.2kW motor
 - up to 400mm/16" blade
 - Maximum cutting length - 580mm
 - Maximum cutting depth - 230mm total
(125mm on single pass)
 - Tray 61cm wide x 39cm deep
 - Weight 96kg

Blade not included

  • Brick saw motors are splash proof, not waterproof (usually IP55).
  • Brick saws have big motors - ensure there is sufficient power available to run them
  • Do not run off generators - they may not be 240 volt, 50Hz, or are usually too small for the motor
  • Use only heavy duty (2.5mm minimum but preferably 4mm) extension cords and keep them as short as possible (under 20m).
  • Put any other machinary on a seperate circuit so as not to overload each circuit.
  • Easymix saws - always fit pin that locks saw to stand! 
  • Easymix brick saws usually use two SPZX1140 toothed belts

Spare Parts:

We carry selected brick saw parts for sale in stock, such as tray rollers, mitre blocks, blade lock nuts and T - bolts for Easymix,  Husqvarna (TS300E, TS350E and TS450F), Crommelins CBS114E and Trade Made saws.
On/off switch (TMP) - $99 incl GST
On/off switch and lead (Husqvarna) - $170 incl GST (suits TS300/350/400)
Easymix brick saws belts - $40 ea
Bricksaw blade nut Wrench - suit Husqvarna & TMP (not Kaladari ) $21 inc GST
HD Bricksaw 30mm spanner (not shown) $30 incl GST 
*** Note - usually opposite thread on brick saw nuts

Brick saw tray rollers:
dia (each) (Suit old TMP brick saws) $35 each (with nut and bolts)
40mm dia (each) (Suit older brick saws) $35 each
44mm dia (each) (Suit Westmix, Crommelins, TMP brick saws) $35 each  (with nut and bolts)
Husqvarna Bricksaw tray roller 40mm Dia (each). Suit TS300/TS350/TS400. $26 each  (Nut and bolts not included)

Easymix/TMP Brick saw trays:
With rollers and bolts, but not mitre block.
14"/350mm Tray $195
(roller rails - 410mm wide Tray 300mm deep, 440mm wide. Centre blade slot 190mm from right edge)
16"/400mm Tray $250
(roller rails - 470mm wide, Tray 410mm deep, 495mm wide. Centre blade slot 220mm from right edge)

Mitre blocks/cutting guides:
Husqvarna 90 degree $40 each incl GST (on right)
TradeMade (TMP) 45°/90° only $50 each incl GST (not shown)
Husqvarna variable angle $80 each incl GST (on left)
Easymix, TradeMade (TMP) variable angle $75 each incl GST (in middle)


Easymix brick saw motor:
With on off switch and lead and plug
2kW, 2380 RPM, IP55
40mm long out put shaft, 19mm diameter with 5mm key
Foot holes - 100mm x 140mm
Should fit Trademade (TMP) and Easymix bricksaws
$595 incl GST

Prices correct as of 1/5/24 but subject to change.

For the operation and spare parts manuals for these machines  Click Here 

The brick saws draw a lot of power, but still do not have the same power as a petrol saw.
To maximise their efficiency, we suggest the following:

  • Use softer blades - these enable the saw to cut better. Hard saw blades can overload your electric saw, or cause it to overheat (constant overheating causes your motor to fail prematurely).
  • Leads - use only heavy duty extension leads. Keep them as short as possible (under 20m).
  • Do not run off generators - the voltage may not be 240 volt or 50 Hz. Also, they are often too small for the brick saw motor. 8kVA usually recommended (yes, 8kVA!).
  • Allow the blade to cut - don't force it!
  • Motor overload will trip if: leads too long or too light duty; faulty power (running off generator or incorrect power supply); pushing pavers in too hard; blade bond too hard. Try saw on another power supply. If the overloads trip out too often, they can get damaged. New Era Electro in Welshpool can replace overloads - check with them.
  • Electric motors are usually IP55 rated, which is protected against dust ingress, and water resistant (but not water proof). Most electrical problems occur after the saws have been left in the rain.

Silica dust - when workers cut, saw, crush, drill, polish or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

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