Diamond Blades for Clay Pavers

Professional pavers generally carry two types of Diamond blades:

A  soft bonded diamond blade (blue) for dense clay pavers and a harder bonded diamond blade (black) for more abrasive pavers.

United Diamond Tools (UDT) make a diamond blade for dense clay pavers that is suitable for brick saws or Quick cut, as well as blades for more abrasive pavers. We also carry a range of silenced blades that are suitable for your brick saw or bench saw.  No matter what brand of paver you wish to cut we will have the diamond blade for the job, from the hardest granite paver to the thickest commercial paver.





A Trade series Diamond blade that is widely used by all trades, this is a Clay paver blade with undercut protection using an "R" segment and with a 10mm segment. It is also used by the professional pavers.


Diamond Blade Perth



We offer these blades in silenced or unsilenecd options:
 - The silenced blade has no annoying whistling, but is only suitable for brick saws.
 - The unsilenced option is mainly used on cut quicks and floor saws.

Both feature a 10mm high segment, and are designed for efficient removal of cuttings. A great blade for very dense clay pavers.

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Machine Types Key:
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- Floor Saw

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- Brick Saw
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- Hand Saw

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