Refractory Brick Cutting

United Diamond Tools (UDT) make several types of blades for cutting refractory fire bricks.  We carry blades in 14" (350mm) and 20" (500mm). All are from our Korean factory, that only makes high quality, long life blades. So if you are looking for a silent or non silent fire place brick cutting blade, give us a call at UDT.
For cutting silicon carbide, refer to our blades for alumina ceramic.


core-farm-blade.png 14"/350mm FINEX Silver Blade for Very Hard Refractory
For WET cutting.
Silver Brazed blade
Available with reinforcement (unsilenced), and without (silent)
 refractory.png 14"/350mm Laser "Bumpy" Blade for Medium & Soft hardness Refractory brick
Multi Holes on the steel body
For DRY cutting. Laser Welded

20"/500mm for hard refractory stone. For block saws. Soft bond, fast cutting.

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