Loop Blades

Special wide diamond blades for concrete and asphalt

Standard diamond blades are generally 3.2mm thick. United Diamond Tools (UDT) make several types of extra wide looping blades for cutting concrete and asphalt. These are used for installation of loop detectors at traffic lights and car parks or for creation of expansion joints in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

These blades are available in standard 300mm (12") or 350mm (14") diameter and 4.6mm, 6mm and 10mm width. We make separate blades in all these sizes for concrete and asphalt.

Note well!  These wider blades may need an increase in the horsepower requirement of your floor saw. In the case of the 10mm thick blades it may by up to 50%.


Standard blades are 3.2mm thick
A 4.6mm wide segment with asphalt or concrete blade options available.
14"/350mm only

A 6mm wide segment :
12"/300mm $325 each incl GST (for concrete only)
14"/350mm $395 each incl GST (for asphalt and green concrete only)

A 10mm wide segment with asphalt or concrete blade options available.

Prices correct as of 1/8/19 but subject to change.

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