Grinding Shoes

We carry a range of grinding shoes to suit floor grinders. These shoes are also the same as the Husqvarna grinding shoes. Our high-quality metal shoes are made in Korea, and are compatible with other grinding machines from different manufacturers.
Suitable for wet and dry grinding

Redi Lock Double Segments – coffin shaped

For hard to medium concrete
Premium quality (all Korean)
Rediloc Shoes EPM - 40L-10T-10W   #25 /30 MESH   
Rediloc Shoes #50 /60 MESH
Rediloc Shoes #100 MESH

All $55 each incl GST each
(or $450 incl GST per box of 9 shoes)


Cub Grinder Shoes:

250mm Cub grinder plate with six quick change shoe slots $275 each incl GST

#25/30 is the coarsest grit, so it is for first pass grinding. Even if you wish to achieve a #120 finish you still need to first start on this grit simply because the other grits will struggle to break through the top layer of concrete. For floor prep and epoxy flooring, most times the rough finish from a #25/30 is actually preferable. For this reason this grit tends to sell the most.
X Series - one segment $40 each incl GST
Two segments $50 each incl GST (available medium and hard, #25/30, #50 and #140)

Super hard bond is for very soft concrete. Maybe it's due to the sand type in the Perth region but whatever it is, we find this bond works well and lasts decently. Our normal hard bond for some reason tends to wear a bit too fast on soft and relatively green concrete in Perth, despite the general rule that Perth concrete is harder than that of the east coast. 
Two segments $65 each incl GST

img_2314.jpeg img_2312.jpeg

Some of our other shoes in stock:

silver-texture-shoe.jpg silver-triangle-shoe.jpg

Prices correct as of 1/3/21 but subject to change.

Please see our "Contact Us" page (here) for Australia wide delivery information.

Grinding Exposed aggregate with Cub Grinder:
Some operators use half hard bond, half soft bond, to cope with the two different hardnesses in the floor.
Others use a hard bond with water. Use lots of segments, with double or triples,  to reduce bouncing

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Superlock Husqvarna HTC Lavina Scanmaskin 3 pin system hook and loop walk behind

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