Core Drill Stands

Here is our range of quality core drill stands for sale in Perth, W.A.
All these stands suit hand held core drills with 60mm clamps, so they suit most core drills.
We stock Dymaxion, Tooltec, Golz and Eibenstock.

How to choose:
All these stands suit our hand held core drills, as they use a 60mm collar.
Decide what largest diameter hole you are likely to drill. This will be decided by your drill.
Look for the stand with options you need, such as angled drilling, taller column height for longer barrels etc.
Select a stand that will core to your requirements and suits your budget.
The Dymaxion PCD1500SS is our most popular stand because of it's price, but it can only core vertically.
The Dymaxion PCDRIG and Tooltech stand offer angled drilling, wheels and longer columns, with many of the features of the more expensive stands, but at competitive prices.

Note - core drills are to be bolted down when used. See accessories to do this at the bottom of this page


 PCD1500SS drill rig $399



PCD1500SS drill rig suits the PCD1700HH
 - Rig Height from bracket collar to floor 560mm
 - 9kg
 - 90 degrees only
 - Suit barrels up to 500mm long  (400mm as standard, or turn carriage over to get 500mm)
 - Suits most quality drills - 60mm ring collar
 - Suit barrels up to 200mm diameter
$399 incl GST

Spare parts:
Wind up handle $80 incl GST
Core drill collar block $60 incl GST

Dymaxion Core Drill stand with angle adjustment

PCDRIG - $695 incl GST


  • 60mm collar suits most core drills
  • 90 to 45 degrees
  • Die cast aluminium base and extruded aluminium mast.
  • Base includes wheels.
  • Suit barrels up to 225mm approx diameter
  • 17kgs
  • Maximum collar height 790mm (suits 600mm long barrels)
  • With seal and vacuum hose take off for fastening down with vac (remove if not in use).
  • Four levelling bolts are widely spaced for maximum stability.
  • Fitted with stabilising back stays.
  • Four nylon guide wheels firmly secure the machine bracket to the mast and allow for smooth travel.

To tilt from 90 degrees:
1. Remove bolt at bottom of column (don't lose!)
2. Loosen bolt on back of column slide
3. Loosen stay lock nut
4. Tilt column to required angle
5. Tighten column stay lock nut and bolt on back of column slide.

To adjust carriage travel preload, turn two 16mm nuts on one side of carriage (other side is 19mm nuts) so carriage winds up and down easily with drill and barrel in place.

Tooltec Drill Stand $999 incl GST

This core drill machine is ideal for the majority of trade requirements.



Tooltec drill rig
 - Rig Height  950mm
 - with wheels
 - 90 - 45 degrees
- suits most quality drills - 60mm ring collar
 - suit barrels up to 250mm diameter
 - 18 kg
- $999 incl GST
 - Core drill and barrel not included.

Golz KB125 Stand $1095 each

Golz KB125 core drill stand

 (drill and barrel not included with stand)



Lightweight yet solid, this core drill stand features an aluminum roller carriage.

Golz KB125 Features:

  • 12 kg weight
  • 650mm travel length - suit 600mm long barrels
  • Suit 250mm maximum diameter core drills
  • Laser pointer for accurate drilling
  • Angle drilling up to 45°
  • Left and right handed operation
  • Tool and fastening kit included
  • Vacuum base option
  • Suits most quality drills - 60mm ring collar
  • Suit barrels up to 200mm diameter
  • Core drill and barrel not included
  • Vacuum kit for KB125 $120 incl GST extra (to enable use with a vacuum pump for anchor-less mounting)

Eibenstock Drill Stands

BST182V/S- $Call




  • Made In Germany
  • Suit drills with 60mm collars (adaptor included but not shown in picture)
  • With 60mm collar mounting adaptor - not shown
  • Suit barrels up to 202 mm diameter
  • Scale - easy adjustment of drilling depth
  • Toothing - wide and constant, precise, long-lived
  • Aluminium colum with braces - high torsional strength, light, 45° swivel
  • Adjusting screws - robust, exact adjustment
  • Hole centre indicator - exact positioning
  • Guides/bearings - smooth running, hard-wearing, adjustable
  • Spirit level - easy to level
  • Feed lever - change without any tool, easy selection of the operating side
  • Rollers - quick to mount, easy and light transport (accessory)
  • Base - Combined base (anchor or vacuum)

Technical Specifications:

  • 14 kg weight
  • 995mm column height - suit 600mm long barrels
  • Suit 202mm maximum diameter core drills
  • Angle drilling up to 45°
  • Vacuum base option
  • Suits most quality drills - 60mm ring collar
  • Core drill and barrel not included

Core Drill stand (rigs) comparison:











Rig Height:

560 mm

995 mm

650 mm

995 mm


90º only






18 kg



Max Diam.   Core Drills


250 mm



Stand bolt down accessories (see prices here):
Tyrolit Drill Stand quick release anchor - standard (on left below)
Eibenstock Drill Stand quick release anchor kit (on right below) 
Drop in Anchors - available individually, or in boxes of 50
Drop in anchor setting tools 190mm, zinc plated, basic 
Tyrolit setting tool with hand guard 
16mm SDS Plus drill bits ( see here)

Prices correct as of 1/5/24 but subject to change.

Silica dust - when workers cut, drill, saw, crush, polish or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

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