Long and short Core Barrels

Standard barrels are 450mm long.
Longer core barrels are regularly needed in some applications, whereas shorter barrels work well in confined spaces.

Most have to come from the Eastern states, but here are the barrels we keep in Bibra Lake, W.A.
They will core concrete as well as reinforced concrete.

See our "Core Drill Accessories and Spare Parts" page for further info here.

Note - For operator safety, most manufacturers recommend drilling over 67mm be done with the drill mounted in a stand.
If in doubt, contact us,  the barrel or drill manufacturers.

For a more detailed look at Core Drilling from selecting your core drill to actually drilling  plus all the UDT core drilling supplies; download the guide below.

Download the UDT Core Drilling Guide

Short barrels:


Dymaxion diamond core bits are laser welded and 220mm long.
Suitable for cutting concrete, brick, compressed fibre cement sheet, granite and other masonry building materials. 
Can be used on core drills or standard drills (SDS Plus, Max or hex) with an adaptor.
Back end fitting is 1/2" BSP female.
Can be used with a pilot bit (ABD300) on larger diameters to prevent drifting when starting.
Maximum coring depth 190mm

  • Diamond core drills and hole saws require the use of proper lubrication, correct drill speed and proper pressure.
  • Drilling methods and techniques vary significantly depending upon the material being drilled.
  • To achieve optimum cutting performance and maximum core drill life use a slow to very slow drill speed, low drill pressure, and plenty of water for lubrication. Quench with water if no water feed on your drill.
  • Variable speed drills work best since the correct speed can be selected. Lower speeds work best.
  • The life of any type of diamond drill depends upon the hardness, abrasiveness and thickness of the material being drilled and the specific drilling techniques used.
  • Do not use hammer mode
  • Withdraw regularly from hole to clear debris, otherwise bit can jam
  • Do not force.
  • Wall ties and any loose obstructions can damage the bits.
  • If using standard drill, ensure your drill has a safety clutch and variable speed.
  • Ensure drill has sufficient power to use larger diameters.


12-20mm 1400 - 1700RPM
22-35mm  1000 - 1200RPM
45-57mm  900 - 1500RPM
65mm 700 - 1200RPM
80-90mm 600 - 1000RPM
115mm 500 - 800RPM
127mm  400 - 600RPM

All below prices each, including GST

CCSB12-220 12mm  $75 ea  CCSB40-220 40mm $140 ea
CCSB14-220 14mm  $80 ea  CCSB45-220 45mm $145 ea 
CCSB16-220 16mm $95 ea  CCSB52-220 52mm $170 ea 
CCSB18-220 18mm $99 ea  CCSB57-220 57mm $175  ea 
CCSB20-220 20mm $115 ea  CCSB65-220 65mm $180 ea 
CCSB22-220 22mm $115 ea  CCSB70-220 70mm $185 ea 
CCSB24-220 24mm $125 ea  CCSB76-220 76mm $210 ea 
CCSB25-220 25mm $125 ea  CCSB83-220 83mm $220 ea 
CCSB26-220 26mm $125 ea  CCSB92-220 92mm $265 ea 
CCSB28-220 28mm $130 ea  CCSB102-220 102mm $275 ea 
CCSB30-220 30mm $135 ea  CCSB114-220 114mm $325 ea 
CCSB35-220 35mm $140 ea  CCSB127-220 127mm $345 ea 

Long core barrels:


Long core barrels in stock:
All prices each, including GST

Code Application
DBS24 Concrete 1 1/4" UNC
DBS25 Concrete 1 1/4" UNC
DING26/1M Concrete
1 1/4" UNC
DING32/0.7M Concrete
DING32/1M Concrete
DBS38 Concrete
1 1/4" UNC
DBS40 Concrete
1 1/4" UNC


DING44/1M Concrete
1/2" BSP
DING50/600 Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
DBS59 Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
DING102/600 Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
DING127/600 Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
0.6m $265
DBS127/600 Premium Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
0.6m $345
DING180/600 Concrete
1.1/4" UNC
0.6m $385

Sizes up to 500mm available - please call.
Prices correct
as of 1/4/24 but subject to change.
All prices are each and include GST.

Silica dust - when workers cut, saw, crush, drill, grind or polish products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

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