Cement Mixers

We stock the heavy duty Easymix tip up cement mixers, which are the same as Trademade (TMP) mixers.
We also carry some common parts for Easymix,  Westmix and Trademade (TMP).

Easymix 3.5cu ft Tip Up Mixer
(TIP-UP) Electric

Built for W.A. tradies





  • 1.2HP (900 watts) motor with 1 year warranty

  • Heavy duty gear box with 6 months warranty.

  • Extra heavy duty frame with adjustable motor mount

  • Extra heavy duty steel 2 paddle bowl.

  • Includes stand (not shown)

  • 400mm (16") pneumatic wheels

Mar/Apr Special - $1450 incl GST
(normally $1650 incl GST)
Fat bowl mixer option with direct drive gearbox (no belts)
 - $1695 incl GST
Wide wheel option- add $130 Incl GST

Petrol model:
Mar/Apr Special - $1899 incl GST
(normally $2099 incl GST)
(with Honda GX200)
Fat bowl mixer option add $50
Wide wheel option - add $130 Incl GST

  • Generally, concreters prefer standard bowls, whereas plasterers prefer fat bowl mixers.
  • Mixer motors are splash proof, not waterproof (usually IP55).
  • Mixers have big motors - ensure there is sufficient power available to run them
  • Do not stop the mixer with a full load, then try to re start.
  • Do not overload! Plasterers with fat bowls are usually guilty of this.
  • Do not run off generators - they may not be 240 volt, 50Hz, and are often too small for the mixer
  • Use heavy duty (2.5mm minimum but preferably 4mm) extension cords and keep them under 20m.
  • Put other machinery on a seperate circuit so as not to overload each circuit.

Spare Parts:

3.5cu ft blue mixer bowl - tip up.
 - Coarse bowl thread (8 or 9 threads on gearbox shaft) should fit Trademade and Westmix.
Standard $435, fat bowl $475
 - Fine bowl thread (12 or 13 threads on gearbox shaft) should fit Easymix. 
$650 Incl GST ea
NB - Bowl unscrew anti-clockwise.
Tip: Always grease gearbox shaft well before screwing bowl on to gearbox shaft.

With coarse bowl thread (8 or 9 threads)
Suit late model Trademade and Westmix
(bowl unscrews anti-clockwise only)
Not for Fat bowl mixers!
Shown below (pulleys extra)
$550 Incl GST ea

With fine bowl thread (12 or 13 threads)
Bowl unscrews anti-clockwise.
Suit Easymix only.
(Will not fit TMP or Westmix, even if fine thread!!)
Not for Fat bowl mixers!
Shown below, has "Easymix" cast into side.
 (pulleys extra)
$895 Incl GST ea

Tip up mixer motor:
Should fit most Easymix, TMP and Westmix 3.5 cu ft tip up electric mixers.
900watts/1.2HP, 10 amp plug, IP54, 1380RPM, output shaft 16mm (keyed), 40mm long.
Old pulleys should be reusable on new motor.
* Ensure top pulley and bottom pulley are in alignment when refitted, otherwise belts will prematurely wear or come off.
$299 Incl GST

Easymix Mixer Stand - blue. Suits blue Easymix and TMP mixers. $185 inc GST
Easymix Mixer Stand - black. Suits red Easymix mixer. $240 inc GST

Purchase from your local belt supplier (Repco, bearing supplier, power drive supplier etc)
Red tip ups should use A43 or A44 belts.
Blue tip ups should use A46 belts.

Sold separately:
Standard wheels (16" x  3.50 x 8 pneumatic) - $25 each Incl GST
Wide wheels ( 16" x 6.50 x 8 pneumatic) - $100 each Incl GST

Easymix Mixer Service Kit $25 Incl GST ea

Easymix T3EP Mixer Service Kit

Consists of:
 - 250ml Industrial 220 Gear Oil
 - roll thread tape
Change oil as specified (usually every 120 hrs or 2 years).
Check volume of oil needed - eg TU-MIX uses only 125ml, TIPUP model uses 250ml

Easymix MB22 2.2 cu ft DIY mixers:
Supplied in box. 1/2 HP motor, 1440rpm.
DIY use only - not suitable for trades.
6 months warranty 65kg.
Add $50 for assembly - recommended.
Mixer may need pinion/gearwheel adjustment after initial use - see step 20.
Belt may need re-tensioning after use (they stretch slightly when first used).
Note - Follow detailed instructions carefully. No warranty on your assembly.
Allow 2 hours build time. Read instructions before use.

Download assembly instructions an Easymix MB22 Mixer

Download tips to assemble an Easymix MB22 Mixer

Servicing: We do not service or repair mixers. But a suggested service would cover:
 - Firstly, unplug from power supply.
 - Clean and check all guards are in place and undamaged.
 - Check belt and pulleys are in alignment and tight (two bolts for belt adjustment under motor near handle). Pulleys held in place by grub screws with Allen key head.
 - Check gearbox and motor mounting bolts are tight.
 - Change gearbox oil as required in owner's manual/sticker on mixer.
 - Remove bowl and grease gearbox shaft well. Bowl should unscrew anti-clockwise.
 - Petrol engine - check air filter, spark plug etc and change oil as per manual.
 - Electric motor - check power cord and motor for any damage
 - Test run and check controls operational.

Servicing Tips:
 - Clean rusty bowls with some gravel in the bowl and let it run for 30 - 60 mins.
 - Change gearbox oil as specified on mixer. Usually 250ml of 220 industrial gear oil, to be changed every 120 hrs of use, or 2 years (but verify on your mixer). Sealed gearboxes (as sold on Easymix electric mixers with fat bowls (gearbox is cube shaped, and blue and silver)) needs 400ml of 220 industrial gear oil, to be changed every year.
 - Petrol models - change engine oil as specified in manual (Honda GX200 uses 0.6l of 10W/30 API SG. First oil change 20hrs or 1 month, thereafter 100hrs or 6 months).
 - Unscrew bowl anti-clockwise. Remove and grease occasionally otherwise it will seize on.
- If mixer makes a ticking sound when running, the pulleys may be loose. Pulleys are held in place by grub screws with Allen key head. Check belt and pulleys are in alignment, then tighten pulleys.  Tighten the belt (two bolts for belt adjustment under motor near handle). 
 - Bowl can only unscrew with resistance against motor and gearbox. If bowl spins anti-clockwise but is not unscrewing, then the worm drive in the gearbox may have failed. The gearbox has to be dis-assembled to unscrew the bowl.

Silica dust - when workers cut, saw, crush, drill, polish or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

Prices correct as of 1/3/24 but subject to change.

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