Cement Mixers & Motorised barrows

We stock the Easymix cement mixers for sale in Perth, Western Australia.

Easymix 3.5cu ft Tip Up Mixer

Built for W.A. tradies




  • 1 HP motor

  • Heavy duty gear box with 12 months warranty. 
    (Gearbox has 125ml of 220 industrial gear oil, to be changed every 120 hrs of use, or 2 years.)

  • Extra heavy duty frame with adjustable motor mount

  • Extra heavy duty removable steel 2 paddle bowl. Tip - Unscrew bowl anti-clockwise.

  • Includes stand

  • 400mm (16") pneumatic wheels

$1550 incl GST

Petrol model $POA incl GST
(with Honda)

Availability is currently very low so always call to check stock.

  • Mixer motors are not waterproof (usually IP55)- keep them out of the water!
  • Mixers have big motors - ensure there is sufficient power available to run them
  • Do not run off generators - they may not be 240 volt, 50Hz, or are usually too small for the drill
  • Use only heavy duty (2.5mm minimum but preferably or 4mm) extension cords and keep them as short as possible  (under 20m).
  • Put other machinery on a seperate circuit so as not to overload each circuit.

Motorised Barrows:

TMP electric barrows:
100l steel tray with built in battery (10amp/hr), with seperate charger.
Poly tray extra
See pictures below
Three months warranty on barrow, 6 months on driveline
$1150 incl GST (Mar 2022 price but subject to change)
- or - with connection to use your own rechargeable battery (Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch etc).
$TBA incl GST

TMP electric brick trolleys:
With built in battery (10amp/hr), and seperate charger.
Three months warranty on barrow, 6 months on driveline
$1495 incl GST (Jun 2022 price but subject to change)

Battery life:
If using the barrow with a built in 10amp/hr battery you can expect:
 - In medium situations (moderate load, good surfaces) you can expect a full day of constant usage.
 - In heavy situations ( heavy loads, loose sand) it maybe up to half this.
If using your own batteries, life will vary depending on your battery power etc.

img_3074.jpeg img_3075.jpeg img_3073.jpeg img_3072.jpeg

Prices correct as of 1/7/22 but subject to change.

For the operation for this machine  Click Here 

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