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Prices correct as 1/7/21 but subject to change.

New Husqvarna Core Drill - coming soon

Husqvarna DM 200 is suitable for light applications such as ventilation, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets and cables.
Powerful and sturdy handheld electric core drill for wet drilling, or connect to a vacuum for dry drilling (ideal for indoor use). 
Optimised for drilling 25 mm – 80 mm holes, with maximum capacity of 100mm.
The ergonomically designed D-handle gives you good control whilst drilling and its versatility makes it an ideal partner for professionals.
DM 200 has connectivity with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ system for monitoring of runtime, location, inventory etc.
Price $1399 incl GST (due August 2021)
(DM230 $1829 incl GST)

dm2001.png dm2002.png dm2003.png

Concrete Grinders

Two German made Eibenstock grinders now in stock:

125mm (EBS1802)
 - 1800 watt
 - 10,000 RPM
 - with 125mm/5" concrete cup wheel
 - $995 incl GST

180mm (EBS180H)
 - 2500 watt
 - 8,500 RPM
 - with 180mm/7" concrete cup wheel
 - $1675 incl GST


Diamond polishing belts

Diamond polishing belts are for polishing all natural stones, but also ceramic, concrete and engineered stones.
They are long lasting and fast working.

Common sizes we have access to are:
520 x 20mm
533 x 30mm
610 x 100mm
2100 x 50mm
1800 x 100mm etc.
We can also custom make to your requirements:

Cement mixers

  • 1 HP motor
  • Heavy duty gear box with 12 months warranty.
  • Extra heavy duty frame, adjustable motor mount.
  • Extra heavy duty removable steel 2 paddle bowl.
  • 16 x 650 x 8 steel wheels.
    $1575 incl GST

tmp-tu35einrw.png tmp-logo.png

Longopac  continous bags - now in stock

Suit Husqvarna S13, S26, S36, some Tyrolit, and many other vacuums.
They are in packs of 4, and e ach pack is 20 meters. 357mm diameter.
These  bags enable dust free disposal from virtually any dust collector.
"Megastrong" $200 per box, incl GST
Extra Heavy duty (70+5um) $225 per box, incl GST

New budget priced 14"/350mm Quick Cut Saw

The DH65 saw is a durable yet economical saw ideal for building, demolition, maintenance and hire companies. 
It is based on the proven Oleo Mac power cutters, and has already been in use in commercial applications for several years in W.A.
Backed up with a commercial 12 month warranty and a full range of spare parts here in W.A., it provides a reliable and cost effective alternative in the Australian market place.
$1095 incl GST


Also available -

  • Guarda 16"/400mm saw - $1195 incl GST
  • Husqvarna K770 14"/350mm $1450 incl GST
  • Husqvarna K970 16"/400mm $1895 incl GST

guarda-ftr095-2020-model.png k770-1.png k9702.png

Electric saws

  • Eibenstock 125mm 1250w, 36mm depth $495 incl GST
  • Husqvarna K4000 350mm, 2300w, 125mm depth - saw only $1699 incl GST
    • (with saw, blade and vacuum sled - $1950 incl GST)
  • Eibenstock 400mm, 2850w, 152mm depth  - saw only $1950
    • (with blade $2150 incl GST)

eds1251.png k40001.png etr3501.png

Bricksaws in stock

  • 14"/350mm Trademade 2.2kW $1795 incl GST (1 only)
  • 14"/350mm Kaladari $2050 incl GST - Made in Australia
  • 16"/400mm Trademade Long reach 2.2kW $1950 incl GST  (1 only)
  • 16"/400mm Kaladari Long Reach - $2250 incl GST - Made in Australia
  • Husqvarna 350mm TS300E 2.2kW, 350mm $1250 incl GST (blades not incl)

img_0782.jpg k-saw-long-reach.png img_2353.jpg ts300e.png


TMP 20" Compactors

  • With Honda GX160.
  • Exciter under motor
  • 0-20 metres per minute operating speed.
  • 19kn centrifugal force.
  • 20 degrees climbing ability.
  • 460 x 690mm – plate dimensions.
  • 92kg weight

$1575 incl GST each

125mm/5" Compactor clutches:

TMP 20" Compactor Clutch - suit 5-6HP.
Single or twin belts, 19mm or 20mm (all options same price)
$275 incl GST
TMP 14" Compactor Clutch - suit 3-4.5HP.
Single belt, 16mm only
$225 incl GST

Husqvarna Floor Saw FS400LV - 450mm

Robust, convenient all-round floor saw with adjustable handle ensures low vibrations and an ergonomic working position.
Perfect weight distribution means excellent stability)

  • Honda GX390
  • Max blade diameter: 450 mm/18"
  • Max cutting depth: 162 mm
  • Weight: 99 kg

One only $3199 incl GST (blade extra)
(Husqvarna has no more stock till Sept '21)
Husqvarna 18"/450mm Combi blade - Elite Cut turbo. $550 incl GST when purchased with this saw.
(RRP $808 incl GST)
UDT 18"/450mm Premium (Korean) Combi asphalt/concrete blade $450 incl GST

fs400lv1.png fs400lv2.jpg fs400lv3.jpg

Core Drills

  • Dymaxion PCD1700 - 1700w, 90 mm concrete, 133mm in brick $795
  • Tooltech TT2100 - 2100w, 150 mm in concrete, 200 mm in brick $995
  • Eibenstock PLD182 - 2300w, max 182mm in concrete, $1650
  • Husqvarna DM230 - 1850w, max 150mm in concrete, $1829


Wall Chasers

Made in Germany. Includes blades, tools & box

  • 1400w, 125mm blade, 30mm deep $895
  • 2300w, 150mm blade, 45mm deep $1195


Guarda Edge saw package

For silica dust and exhaust fume free cutting, with the power of a petrol saw. Cut indoors, with no fumes, and very little slurry to clean up.

Package includes everything you need:

  • Guarda Edge 94cc two stroke saw
  • 15"/380mm concrete blade to suit
  • 90 litre twin motor vacuum with exhaust
  • hose to join vacuum to saw.
  • 10m hose with cam locks exhaust hose.

Includes training by importer:

  • Normally $3740 incl GST
  • One only special $2995 incl GST ($2723 + GST)
  • While stocks last!

img_2325.jpeg screen-shot-2020-03-04-at-8.48.24-am.png

Eibenstock WPN180 Wet angled polisher :

  • Polishing of different surfaces
  • Removal of scratches
  • Suits different surfaces (natural and engineered stone, granite etc)
  • Power: 1200W
  • No load speed: 1500 - 2800RPM
  • Disc Diameter: Maximum 180mm
  • $750 incl GST

wpn180.png wpn1801.jpg

k-kub.png250mm Cub Grinder

  • 2.2kW
  • 47kgs
  • Made in South Australia

$1995 incl GST

  • Quick change plate  $250
  • Shoes from  $33

k-pact.pngCompac Saw

  • Blade size 350mm
  • Up to 10mm thick blades.
  • Engine 9 HP Honda
  • Max cutting depth 120mm
  • Extended shaft for offset cutting (ideal when cutting edges on newly laid pavers).
  • Made in South Australia

$2995 incl GST

Eibenstock ETR230 now in stock

A light but powerful dry cutter with easy connection to a vacuum.

  • 2600 watts
  • No load speed: 6500RPM
  • Disc Diameter: 230mm
  • Maximum cutting depth: 65mm
  • Maximum blade thickness - 10mm
  • Spindle: 22.23mm/7/8"
  • Machine Weight 7.5kg
  • 12 month industrial Australia wide warranty.
  • Comes with case, 230mm diamond blade, dust guard, protection guard, tools & manual.
  • $875 incl GST

etr2303.png etr2304.jpg etr230-use.jpg

Wet and dry vacuums

Husqvarna S11:
1200 watts, 25 litre, H Class
$1475 incl GST

Eibenstock DSS50A:
1400 watts, 50 litre, M Class
$1250 incl GST

2000 watts, 90 litre, twin motor, L class
$695 incl GST


Prices correct as 1/7/21 but subject to change.
Blades, core barrels and accessories not included unless specified
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