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Prices correct as 1/10/20 but subject to change.

Diamond Whet Stones

KGS Diamond whetstone are a precision diamond sharpening tool with metal bonded diamonds.
Well suited for very fast sharpening or deburring any hard or brittle material.
Long lasting
  • Very coarse 120 grit 
  • Coarse 200 grit 
  • Fine 400 grit  
  • Dual 200/400 grit  
  • All $85 each incl GST
See more, including instructions,  here

350mm "Bumpy" Blade

"Bumpy" edge for faster cutting of alumina ceramic, hard stone, DEKTON and hard materials

2.3mm thick reduces chipping.

30mm/1" centre

*** Ensure sufficient coolant to stop blade overheating ***

img_2154.jpg img_2156.jpg
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Premium 5"/125mm diamond pads

Premium Honeycomb polishing pads

  • Concrete, Hard marble, Granite, Natural stone, Engineered stone, Travertine etc
  • Grit: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 & 3000
  • $25 each

KGS Swiflex pads

  • Natural stones like marble and granite etc, as well as engineered stone, ceramic, concrete and glass.
  • Grit: 60, 120, 200, 400, 800, 1500 & 3000
  • $22 each

Also available:
 - Backing pads from $45
 - Cushion pads

See full range, and instructions for use, here

Back In Stock:

Brick saws - all from quality manufacturers, with local parts and back up.
- Husqvarna    TS300E 14"/350mm                     $1199
- Husqvarna    TS400E 12" - 16"/300 - 400mm $1850
- Crommelins CBS350CE 14"/350mm                $1950

Eibenstock ETR350P wet and dry electric saw - the most powerful wet cutting system, for dust reduced cutting (14"/350mm).
$1775 incl GST (incl blade)

etr3501.png etr3502.jpg img_2056.jpeg img_2061.jpeg


Designed to easily fit onto Husqvarna and Stihl saws so you can be cutting straight, accurate cuts like a pro in minutes.
Sawtrac carriage only $319 incl GST

Sawtrac starter kit:
Sawtrac carriage
Three Track/guides - 800mm, 1500mm and 3000mm
$949 incl GST

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Diamond core drills for granite, hard porcelain and polymer concrete (used in electrical and communications pits).
These long lasting barrels can used with your standard drill.

  • Available 6mm to 180mm diameter
  • All drill bits have an internal length of 50mm
  • Longer lasting - ideal for regular users

Up to 29mm, the barrels are fitted with a 12mm hex shank for use in standard drills.

32mm and bigger have a 1/2" BSP female thread, and come with a 12mm hex shank adaptor, a pilot drill bit and a wedge key.

In stock:

  • 32mm $90 each incl GST
  • 51mm $140 each incl GST
  • 64mm  $175 each incl GST
  • 95mm  $270 each incl GST
  • 115mm $275 each incl GST

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Prices correct as 1/10/20 but subject to change.

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