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Prices correct as 1/2/24 but subject to change.

Eibenstock EMF125 Wall chaser

Handy and lightweight wall chaser
Includes two 125mm Eibenstock blades.
For light duty use.
1400 watt
7-30mm adjustable slot widths
Vacuum attachment point
Made in Germany
Other sizes also available
$750 inc GST

Masterfinish 610 Plate compactor

- Genuine Honda GX200 petrol motor
 - Ideal for landscapers, brick pavers and related trades.
 - Up to 20 metres per minute operating speed.
 - 19.8kn centrifugal force.
 - Approx 30cm compaction depth
 - 460 x 610mm – plate dimensions.
 - 93kg weight
Also in stock - Masterfinish 550H - $2050 incl
Feb special $1650  (Normally $1850 incl GST)

Golz Diamond Core barrels - short

Golz Diamond core drill barrels
1 1/4" UNC, 220mm long.
Ideal for getting in those tight spaces.
For concrete with light to medium reo and masonry.
Made in Germany

25mm - $85 each incl GST
35mm - $95 each incl GST
45mm - $95 each incl GST
52mm - $100 each incl GST
66mm - $110 each incl GST


Carbide Grit Jigsaw blades

img_4891.jpeg jigsaw-7110-31298.png

Truacut S130G/2 Carbide jigsaw blades:
For fast cutting in masonry and fibreglass.
Universal fitting so fit most AEG, Bosch, Dewalt, Festo, Rok, Hitatchi, Makita, Metabo etc 50mm length, #30 grit
2 blades per pack
$15 pair incl GST

Bordo 75mm Straight Cut Carbide Grit Edge Jigsaw Blade
For precise, straight cuts in ceramics, glass, fibre cement sheet and fibreglass reinforced synthetics.
From 1.5 - 15mm thickness. TCG T-Shank (single lug Euro) Bosch Equiv.: T130RIFF
Suits most AEG, Bosch, B & D, Dewalt, Festo, GMC, Hitatchi, Makita, Metabo etc
2 blades per pack
$15 pair incl GST

Dymaxion 125mm and 150mm chasing blades


22mm centre
$35 ea

22mm centre
$45 ea

Dymaxion Turbo Rim blades for fast cutting clay brick and natural limestone (not concrete).

Serrated edge is for faster cutting speeds while maintaining a smooth cut.

Dymaxion Core Drill Bit kit

Rated to core bricks.
The turbo diamond core drill bits in these kits are designed for use without water.
The kits offer key barrel diameters popular with plumbers, electricians, and air con installers.

Dymaxion Drill Bit kit 1 - 38mm, 52mm & 65mm barrels (160mm long), 1/2" BSP Short SDS Plus & hex adaptor, pilot bit & 200mm extension for going through double brick walls. In aluminium case.
$299 inc GST

Dymaxion Drill Bit kit 2- 65mm & 80mm barrels (160mm long), 1/2" BSP Short SDS Plus & hex adaptor, pilot bit & 200mm extension for going through double brick walls.
In aluminium case
$299 inc GST

Easymix brick saws back in stock:

In stock now!
Powder coated
Easy slide on/off
14"/350mm - $1999 incl GST
16"/400mm - $2195 incl GST
Blades extra
(16" Golz silenced blade $195 with brick saw)


Budget blades

img_1688.jpeg img_3288.jpeg
Tyrolit Universal building materials (combi) - concrete (not reinforced), clay bricks, natural stone, asphalt etc
14"/350mm - $105 each incl GST
16"/400mm - $145 each incl GST

Syntec Trade Series Combi Blade - cured concrete, green concrete, abrasive block and asphalt. Not reinforced concrete. 
12"/300mm - $135 each incl GST
14"/350mm - $150 each incl GST
16"/400mm - $190 each incl GST

CFG250 Concrete Floor Grinder

  • Suits wet or dry grinding
  • Foldable handle for easy transportation
  • 2200 watt single phase motor, 10 amp plug.
  • Part of dust guard detaches for grinding directly to the edge of the work area
  • Vacuum port size 50 mm
  • Includes Rediloc plate to suit six standard type shoes (shoes not included)

$2195 incl GST

img_4504.jpeg img_4505.jpeg img_4506.jpeg

Mortar Rakes with M14 Thread:

For chasing mortar and joints in, or routing weep holes in stone etc.
Fits M14 grinders.
6mm or 8mm x 50mm      $55 Incl GST ea
6mm or 8mm x 130mm    $90 Incl GST ea
Truacut 8mm x 40mm     $50 Incl GST ea


Golz Premium blade specials:

16"/400mm Combination super premium RX1 silent blade - for brick saws only
For fast cutting for concrete, bricks, granite, general purpose.
$295 each Incl GST :
-Or - 2 at $275 ea
3 at $250 ea
Last 6 left!

18"/450mm Golz LC01 Concrete and asphalt combination premium laser welded
For fast cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, hard bricks and asphalt.
$250 each incl GST

img_3391.jpeg img_3395.jpeg img_3393.jpeg img_3394.jpeg

7"/175mm Polishing Pads

Our 7"/175mm Premium Honeycomb polishing pads
Made in Korea
For concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, engineered stone etc.
Will last considerably longer than other pads (when used dry, at correct speed).
In #50, #100, #200 and #400 grit
$50 each incl GST
Or set of 4 (1 of each grit): $180 incl GST
175mm back pads - $75 inc
(5"/125mm dry pads in stock $30 ea)


KGS diamond polishing belts to suit Makita 9031 Sanders:

Ideal for slate, ceramic, marble, concrete and granite edge grinding and polishing.
The grinding and polishing effect is superior when used with the Makita 9031 533 x 30mm belt sander.
All $48 Incl GST


Husqvarna Dust Safety Kit:

Consists of:

  • Bug 90  (for drilling)
  • Bug 180 (for drilling)
  • Dust Hood 4-5" (for tucking or angle grinding)
  • Dust Hood 7-9" (for tucking or angle grinding),
  • Dust Boot (for jack hammering)
  • Adaptor rings for non Husqvarna products.
    $295 incl GST (RRP $450)


KGS Flexis diamond triangle pads for multi tools:

Suitable for polishing natural stone, terrazzo, marble, engineered stone, and concrete.
Great for work in hard to reach corners and edges.
KGS Flexis diamond triangle pads are either metal or resin bonded, depending on their grit. 
Velcro backed.

We carry Bosch style (80 x 80 x 80mm) in stock


  • Fast grinding and polishing
  • Long service life
  • Safely and easily grind and polish difficult shapes, such as corners, flats, and round edges


  • Green #60 grit, very coarse $22
  • Black #120 grit, coarse-medium $20 
  • Red #200 grit, medium $17
  • Yellow #400 grit, medium-fine $17


  • Yellow #400 grit, medium-fine 
  • White #800 grit, fine
  • Blue #1500 grit, very fine 
  • Orange #3000 grit, ultra fine

All Resin $10 Incl GST

Polishing Discs for use with angle grinder:

Swiflex CX ECO diamond sandpaper is available from #60 to #3000 grit.
These can give a reasonable polished result on concrete when used with an angle grinder.  
This means you will get a reasonable result without having to purchase a polisher.
Suits marble and concrete
$11 each incl GST 

(100mm and 125mm Diamond polishing pads also in stock)


DTA DEXBOSS Dust extractor - in stock

Removes dust while cutting
Suits most 4"/100mm - 5"/125mm grinders
No need to remove blade guard
Best view of cutting zone.
Universal adaptor suits most vacuums
$110 Incl GST each

dexboss.png img_3645.jpeg img_3646.jpeg

Bordo Products:

  • Vacuum brazed diamond cutters - use on drills or angle grinders
    (5mm - 128mm)
  • Rebar cutters - use on SDS drill, 10mm to 30mm

bordo-diamond-core-bits-kit.png bordo-diamond-core-bit-kit.png bordo-rebar-cutter.png

Other new products:

  • SDS Max to Plus adaptor $125 ea Incl GST
  • Hilti adaptors from $125 ea Incl GST
  • 100mm/125mm/175mm  PCD cup wheels
  • Diamach 20mm Bullnose $55 ea Incl GST
  • Diamach 30mm Bullnose $70 ea Incl GST
  • Core drill quick release coupling - saves unscrewing $100 ea Incl GST

img_3989.jpeg img_3991.jpeg diamach-12routerv30-.png quick-release-adaptor.png

Got a battery powered 9"/230mm cut quick?

This is the blade for it!
Made in Australia by Syntec especially for battery power quick cuts.
10mm segment height
22.23mm centre
$110 incl GST


PCD tipped fibre cement cutting blades

For use on circuliar saws, table saws, mitre saws etc.
These blades will cut compressed  and non compressed fibre cement sheets.

Cut with up to 70% less dust.
Last up to 50 times longer life than standard carbide blades.
See more here


Core barrel lifter

Got a stuck core barrel in a hole?
This can help.
1 1/4" UNC thread screws into barrel, then use the lift eye to pull out or twist.
$110 Incl GST each


KGS's flexible diamond sheets

For wet and dry grinding, finishing and polishing of hard and brittle materials.
Ideal for use on glass, natural or engineered stone, tile, ceramic, mosaics, pottery, porcelain, alumina, concrete and composites.

Available in stock in two sizes:


100 x 50mm

  • Green #60 grit, very coarse $36
  • Black #120 grit, coarse-medium $32
  • Red #200 grit, medium $24
  • Yellow #400 grit, medium-fine $18

200 x 300mm

  • Green #60 grit, very coarse $395
  • Black #120 grit, coarse-medium $350
  • Red #200 grit, medium $275
  • Yellow #400 grit, medium-fine $220

Prices correct as 1/2/24 but subject to change.
Blades, core barrels and accessories not included unless specified

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