Vacuum Brazed Diamond Router Bits

Truacut Vacuum Brazed Diamond Router bits by Dymaxion are superior to tungsten carbide bits.
They are used to route shapes into masonry products, granite, marble, natural and synthetic stone, ceramics, carbon fibre, concrete and compressed fibre cement products.

All are 12.7mm (1/2") shaft and are for DRY use only.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond tools can run at high speed and dry but try to use an power tool with variable speed (10,000 RPM), and start at half speed. Run backwards and forwards until desired depth and shape is achieved.

Remember to always use personal protection equipment (goggles, hearing protection etc)
If cutting dry, be aware of silica dust. See more here.

Stanley Truacut have been supplying quality products in Australia for over 60 years. Decades of field testing and continual improvement has earned them a reputation for reliability and  quality second to none.

Rounding over bits - 60/70 grit:



  • DRB504  3.2mm radius $55
  • DRB505  4mm radius $55
  • DRB508  6.4mm radius $60
  • DRB512  9.5mm radius $75
  • DRB516  12.7mm radius $95
  • DRB520  15.8mm radius $120
  • DRB524  19mm radius $125
  • DRB532  25mm radius $130
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Vee Groove Bits:

  • DRB128C  11mm depth of cut 40/50 Grit  $70
  • DRB129C  17mm depth of cut 40/50 Grit  $80
  • DRB129  17mm depth of cut  60/70 Grit  $80
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Core Box Bit 40/50 grit:

  • DRB432C  25.4mm wide cut $80
    (price each, incl GST)

Chamfering Heads 60/70 grit:

  • DRB916  12mm depth of cut $90
    (price each, incl GST)

Ogee Bit 60/70 Grit:

  • DRB7512 10mm radius, 20mm depth of cut $185
    (price each, incl GST)

Flush Trim Bit 60/70 Grit:

  • DRB8016 12.7mm diameter x 38mm depth $60
    (price each, incl GST)

Inverted Trim 60/70 Grit:

  • DRB8236 28 x 38mm cut $125
    (price each, incl GST)

Straight Bits 40/50 Grit:

  • DRM1406C 6.4mm diameter x 25mm $40
  • DRM1410C 10mm diameter x 40mm $45
  • DRM1413C 13mm diameter x 40mm $50
    (all prices each, incl GST)

Prices correct as of 1/9/20 but subject to change.

Please see our Contact Us page for Australia wide delivery information.

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