Limestone Core Barrels

Our limestone barrel range are a hard bond barrel designed for abrasive materials like natural and reconstituted limestone, asphalt and green concrete .
Our core barrels for the fencing contractor have set an industry standard with a wider segment that reduces the chances of the barrel locking in the hole.

50mm x 50mm posts need a 76mm barrel.
100mm x 100mm posts need a 127mm barrel.

Limestone/asphalt and concrete barrels are not really interchangeable. On  a one off hole, a concrete barrel may do the job, but it will wear faster and may bind up.
Limestone segments are harder because of the abrasive nature.
They are also wider to allow for an increased barrel clearance. This is because limestone dust is coarser than concrete dust, and will clog the  barrel  to hole clearance, causing binding.
Limestone barrels will work on softer concrete, but struggle with the steel reinforcement.

If coring pavers around a pool, you may need a specialised bit for hard pavers.
See here

We also sell core barrels specifically designed for coring into laterite (rusty-red coloured  blocks).
Because laterite is natural, it's composition varies. Sometimes a standard limestone barrel will be sufficient  but most times a specialist barrel is required. Laterite is generally very hard and slow to core.
See a photo of some blocks below.
Tips - Ensure operator uses a correctly sized core drill and stand (that is bolted down firmly), at correct speed to suit the barrel diameter.
Do not force the barrel - it will not drill faster!
Do not use too much water, but ensure the swarf is being flushed out.
Clean loose debris from hole regularly.

Note - When drilling laterite the bit may glaze up and need redressing. Do this by reducing the water by half for a few minutes, or by drilling into an abrasive material like limestone, a cinder block or similar. A bit of Ajax or builders sand down the hole can also have the same effect.

We also stock and sell:
 - Extensions - 1/2" and 1 1/4" UNC types (150mm, 300mm and 500mm)
 - Adaptors - from 1/2" to 1 1/4" UNC, or Hilti to 1 1/4" UNC
See our "Core Drill Accessories and Spare Parts" page for further info here.

Note - For operator safety, most manufacturers recommend drilling over 67mm be done with the drill mounted in a stand.
If in doubt, contact us,  the barrel or drill manufacturers.

For a more detailed look at Core Drilling, from selecting your core drill to actually drilling,  plus all the UDT core drilling supplies, download the guide below.

Download the UDT Core Drilling Guide

img_2704.jpeg lymestone-barrel.png img_5635.jpg

Code Description
DBS52L Limestone
1 1/4" UNC
DBS64L Limestone
1 1/4" UNC
DBS65L Limestone
 1 1/4" UNC
DBS76L Limestone
 1 1/4" UNC
DBS102L Limestone
 1 1/4" UNC
DBS127W Limestone - wide segment - 400mm
1 1/4" UNC
DBS128L Limestone - 450mm
 1 1/4" UNC
DBS128L/600 Limestone - 600mm
1 1/4" UNC
DBS128L/800 Limestone - 800m
1 1/4" UNC
DBS128Laterite Laterite - 600mm Premium  1 1/4" UNC
DBS152L Limestone Premium 1 1/4" UNC

img_2767.jpg laterite.jpg

Prices correct as of 1/1/24, but subject to change.
rices are each and incl GST.

Silica dust - when workers drill, cut, crush, saw, grind or polish products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

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