Porcelain and Ceramic Paver Blades

With so many new pavers coming to market, it is hard to know which blade will cut your pavers.
United Diamond Tools has worked with manufacturers like Freo Stone and Remastone to supply a blade that will cut the hardest pavers with minimal chipping, but still cut in a reasonable time.
These diamond blades are for Porcelain and Bluestone engineered stone pavers, as well as Dekton porcelain (as used in bench tops).
Our blades are also popular with tilers installing raised floor or pedestal systems.

Our range of blades are from 5"/125mm to 16"/400mm , so next time your cutting advanced impact resistant pavers give us a call.

E-Type are a faster cutting blade, but can create small chips (easily cleaned up, or acceptable). Many tradies like the balance of speed of cutting with acceptable chipping.
Super Turbo is the slowest cutting, but minimal amount of chipping.
Ultra Thin blades are thinner, so cutting is faster and cleaner. That also means they have less diamond, and do not last as long. But less expensive to buy intially.

Chipping can be caused by-
- Wrong blade for the material
- Material is not securely held in place
 - Blade not mounted correctly on brick saw
- Check saw to make sure it is not out of alignment (no cutting straight)
- Check saw's bearings and rollers do not have any wobble or play
 - Reduce feed rate ie don't push through too fast
 - Insufficient water
 - Blunt blade. See our dressing stones here

Glazing - This is one of the most common diamond blade problems.
When cutting hard material, the blade will slow down and stop cutting. The cutting surface of the blade will feel smooth. This is known as glazing or polishing.
Rectify by re dressing the blade by cutting an #80 grit dressing stone ( we sell them here ).
As an alternative, use an abrasive material like limestone to remove some bond and expose diamonds so cutting can continue.

Tip: Sometimes you can cut half way through a paver and treat it as a score mark. Tap the paver to break it along the cut. The lower part may be a bit rough but this will be not visible (or clean it up). This method will prolong your blade life, or may assist when your blade is worn.





Independently assessed to give the fastest cutting speed with minimal chipping.
Excellent performance cutting all hard pavers and with very good cutting speed and long life. Great on Freo Stone and Remastone porcelain pavers, with acceptable chipping.

14"/350mm - $330 incl GST each

16"/400mm - $350 incl GST each



$280 incl GST each

$330 incl GST each

$360 incl GST each

$250 incl GST each

Gives the least amount of chipping, but is a slower cutting speed than above blade.
Well known, fast cutting blade with 10mm high segments and long life.
Proven history of excellent performance cutting hard compounds. Features good cutting speed, minimal chipping and long life when used on hard materials.

Also ideal on granite pavers.



$40 incl GST each

$50/$55 ea inc

$135/$160 ea inc

$150/$180 ea inc

$195/$225 ea inc

$225/$250 ea inc

Ultra thin blades remove minimal material so cut faster. However, being thinner, they will also wear out faster.

Ideal for use on brick saws and tile saws.

Also ideal for ceramic, tiles, porcelain, hard stone etc.

14"/350mm $235 incl GST

We stock two ranges of Ultra thin blades, both designed for this application.
"P" series cuts slightly cleaner but slightly slower, and is more expensive.
"EUT"  series cuts slightly faster but is slightly rougher and less expensive.

"Clean Cut" Blades


$270 incl GST each

14"/350mm-not available

$350 incl GST each


These blades feature clean cutting and reinforcement in the hub to stop the blade flexing. The soft bond means cutting hard products without chipping.

Ideal on porcelain pavers, Deurapave, DEKTON, Porcelain, Hard Granite, Quartzite, Glass etc

12"/300mm 50mm cutting depth
14"/350mm 75mm cutting depth
16"/400mm 100mm cutting depth

Budget options:

Husqvarna Elite Cut GS2 has a great performance to price ratio. The continuous rim blade geometry provides a high-quality cut with no chipping of the cutting edges (when used on floor tiles).
Best on ceramic floor tiles, marble and granite.
Available in: 350mm (in stock at $195 each incl GST)

Tyrolit 20035225 version -  350mm $176 incl GST


Photo of (starting from outside):
Tyrolit 350mm continious rim $176 incl GST
300mm AluminaP  $210 incl GST
250mm AluminaEUT  $150 incl GST
200mm AluminaP  $150 incl GST
125mm AluminaEUT  $45 incl GST

Prices correct as of 1/2/24 but subject to change.

Silica dust - when workers cut, crush, drill, polish, saw or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.

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