Core Drilling Units

Here is our range of Core Drilling Units for sale in Perth, Western Australia.
Note - core drills are to be bolted down when used. See accessories at bottom of this page to do this.

Dymaxion AGCDM250 Core Drill & stand - In stock

Big, powerful core drill that can drill reinforced concrete up to 250mm.



Big, powerful core drill and stand that can drill reinforced concrete up to 250mm, yet only weighs under 26kg complete.
2200 watts, 10 amp plug.
Suits 1 1/4" UNC drill barrels, up to 250mm capacity in concrete.
Stand included
Includes factory spanners

Voltage: 230V
Power: 2200W
No Load speeds: RPM 650/ 1000 / 1250 rpm
Full load speeds: 450/ 650 / 850 rpm
Speeds: 3
Spindle thread, outer: 1 1/4" UNC
Water Swivel - Yes
Overload Protection - Yes
Clutch - Mechanical RCD - Yes
Machine Weight 25.3 kg
Rig Height from bracket to floor - 820mm
Rig angle: 90° to 45°

$2795 incl GST

Eibenstock PLD182/BST182 Drill & Stand

 Drill up to 182mm in concrete

  • Made In Germany
  • 2150 watts
  • 3 speed
  • 10 amp plug
  • Constant Speed
  • Mechanical clutch
  • Rated speed: Rated speed: 520/1200/2500 RPM
  • No load speed: 1000/2200/4400 RPM
  • Drilling diameter: 12 - 182mm (concrete)
  • 21.5kg total
  • G1/2" female and 1 1/4" UNC  male
  • Drill stand collar: 60mm
  • Column length: 995mm- suit 600mm barrels
  • Maximum inclination: 45°
  • Vacuum base option
  • Quick Mounting System
  • Core drill in a box, with spanners

$3550 incl GST

Eibenstock Core Drill Stand/Motor 162mm DBE162 $3500 incl GST

The versatile combination for drilling up to Ø 162 mm




  • Electronics - soft start, temperature and overload shutdown, overload LED, constant speed maintenance.
  • Service LED - warns when carbon brushes need changing (lights approx. 10 hours before switching off).
  • 3-speed oil-immersed gearbox - optimum lubrication in all working positions thanks to a specially developed oil pump and matched torque / speed ratio for all diameters.
  • Mechanical safety clutch.
  • Combination spindle with integrated mounting for centering rod - fast, precise drilling.
  • PUR construction site cables - resistant to hard construction site use.
  • Exchange system - quick changeover between wet and dry coring.
  • Integrated spirit levels on the machine and auxiliary handle
  • Scale and bore centre indicator on the drill stand for precise work.
  • Quick-release system - tool-free insertion of the motor into the drill stand.
  • Drilling column steplessly swiveling up to 45 °
  • Compact combination foot - fixing with dowel or vacuum (vacuum set required).
  • Feed lever can be reversed right / left - easy change of operating side.
  • Wheel axle can be retrofitted (accessory) - easy transport.

Input: 2200 W
Distance column / center of drill bit: 130 mm Stroke: 700 mm
Voltage: 230V
Rated speed: 0-510 / 0-1,150 / 0-2,500 rpm Weight: 20.7 kg
Drilling diameter: 12-202 mm (masonry) 12-162 mm (concrete)

Eibenstock Core Drill Stand/Motor 352mm DBE352


The powerful unit for drillings up to Ø 352 mm




  • Made In Germany
  • Powerful 3,000 W motor with high power reserves and a long lifetime
  • Electronic - soft start, temperature control and overcurrent cut-off, optical overload indication, constant speed
  • Service-LED - lets you know when the carbon brushes need changing (works for approx. 10 working hours before shutdown)
  • 3 speed oil bath gearbox - for optimal lubrication in all working positions, due to the newly developed oil pump
  • Mechanical safety clutch
  • PUR-construction site cable - strong, for heavy duty use
  • Universal connection - fasten the motor to the drill rig without any tools
  • Integrated spirit level on the machine as well as an additional handle and hole centre indicator allow for exact drilling
  • Column of the rig can be adjusted to 45°
  • Compact combination base - fixing with anchor or vacuum (vacuum set necessary)
  • Feed lever change without any tools - easy change of the working site
  • Removable wheel axle (accessory) - easy transport
  • $4290 Incl GST (May 2023)

TECHNICAL DATA: Input: 3000 W Column length: 995 mm Nominal voltage: 15amp, 230V Rated speed: 230/500/1030 rpm Weight: 35.0 kg Drilling diameter: 42-352 mm

Core drilling accessories:
Such as stand quick release anchors,  drop in anchors,  setting tools etc 
See here


Prices correct as of 1/9/23 but subject to change.


  • Core barrels and drill stands are not included in the price!
  • Core drills and RCD are not waterproof (usually IP55)- keep them out of the water!
  • Core drills have big motors - ensure there is sufficient power available to run them
  • Do not use the overload protection as on/off switch - when the overload fails, it will not be warranty
  • Do not run off generators - they may not be 240 volt, 50Hz, or are usually too small for the drill
  • Use only heavy duty (2.5mm minimum but preferably or 4mm) extension cords and keep them as short as possible  (under 20m).
  • Use the right speed for the diameter of the barrel (see your manual or here)
  • Put vacuums on a seperate circuit so as not to overload each circuit.

For the operation and spare parts manuals for these machines Click Here 

Silica dust - when workers cut, crush, drill, polish, saw or grind products that contain silica, particles are created, which are one-hundredth of the size of a grain of sand. These can get  stuck deep in the lungs. 
Ensure precautions to limit exposure to dust are in place.
See the WA government's info on silica dust here.


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