Core Drill Accessories and Spare Parts

United Diamond Tools carry a large range of accessories to suit diamond core barrels, as well as parts for core drills and stands .

We stock and sell:
Drill Extensions:
- 1/2"  (150mm and 300mm long)
- 1 1/4" UNC  (150mm and 300mm long)

- From 1/2" to 1 1/4" UNC (cross over sub)
- Hilti BL/BS/BR to 1 1/4" UNC 
- Other Hilti adaptors as shown

Core Drill spanners - 32mm ($25 incl GST) and 41mm ($30 incl GST)


Core Drills and drill rigs (stands)  - see our page in Machinery here

Clipper vacuum base plates:
 - New - $250
 - Second hand $150 (with new seal)
 - Seals to suit (after market) $90

Dymaxion Vacuum Suction Sets: 

The vacuum suction pipe is inserted into the ring take off which then sucks out water or dust into your wet/dry vacuum. The inner reducing rings increase the suction efficiency depending on the core drill bit diameter. These ring sets can be used in conjunction with normal masonry or concrete power drill operations where dust and typical drilling debris cause concern. The master suction ring will grip onto most wall or floor surfaces. The more powerful vacuum you use will increase the overall performance.


Small Set AGVCPS : $70

Open Ring Diameter: 80mm

Inner Rings: 60, 45 & 40mm


Large Set AGVCPL : $90

Open Ring Diameter: 150mm

Inner Rings: 115 & 125mm


Dymaxion Vacuums and Base Plates:
 - The  VACPLATE is a universal device - it has a centre bolt rising from the  centre of the plate over which the core drill rig is positioned via the centre U slot that is available on all core drill rig bases, with a large  washer (which grips the base) the nut is then tightened down. An example  of its use would be a perfect floor (tile/granite) that has to be drilled for a new lavatory bowl - the VACPLATE will not leave a mark on the floor but will hold the rig firmly for drilling.
 - AGVAC140 vac pump is a premium quality vacuum suction pump system and is supplied with the ultimate in product benefits.
 - AGVACBUN is a vac pump combined with a 8 litre air tank, ensuring suction is maintained for a couple of minutes should the vacuum pump stop working for whatever reason (e.g. power outage).

Eibenstock Drill Stand Lock down Screw assembly $55 incl GST
Drop in Anchors - $1.00 each or $9 for 10, $20 for 25, or $35 per box (50), $60 for 2 boxes (100) (all prices incl GST)

Core Drill parts:
We carry oil, gaskets, o-rings and brushes in stock for the Husqvarna DM230 core drill.
Golz core drill (FB33P and FB33S) parts are usually available ex Perth 1-2 days.

We stock a front handle assembly suits all core drills with 60mm mount (will fit Weka, Husqvarna, Golz etc with 60mm collar).

We also carry Dymaxion PCD1700HH brushes in stock

Inline RCD (aftermarket) to suit core drills (must be installed by an electrician).

Water line on/off taps and fittings.

See drill stands and core drills in our "Core Drill" section under the "Machinery" tab.

Golz 10 litre portable pressure tank $290 each:                                                                                                                  
No water where you are cutting or coring? This will solve your problems. The 10 litre Golz tank is built tough for drilling and coring situations, and will fit most quick cuts and core drills. It has a pressure gauge built in as  well.

  • Maximum pressure 6 bar (87 PSI)
  • Maximum flow - 4.5 l/min at 6 bar
  • 10 litre capacity                                                                                                   

img_5869.jpg 49900248_891570181233603_5856188200153776128_n.jpg

Dymaxion 8 Piece Diamond Drill Kit :
Ideal for porcelain, pottery tiles, granite, marble, slate, travertine, blue stone, fiberglass, polycarbonates and fiber cement sheet. Includes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12mm with lever suction drill guide (with water reservoir ) for all diameters
HDEMK8 $87


cross-over-sub-.jpg core-drill-accessories.jpg extensions.jpg clipper-top.jpg dymaxion-drill-bits.png

For sale Perth WA W.A. Dymaxion shibuya weka tyrolit